TheOracle_36x24 10 inches 72 dpi.jpg


24" tall x 36" wide


I was actually working on this piece when I did go to a psychic for a reading. I used to visit a very famous one every year when I lived in the Chicago area. He never quite hit the mark with my predictions. I had done a phone chat with this California Gal and she picked up on a lot of things spot on. The chance to meet her in person was offered to me and we had such an intense reading that we both were exhausted when it was over. When I told her of the piece I was working on and the title she told me she HAD been an oracle in Greece in one of her earlier lives. I will not tell you what she told me about me......

Once again this was many photos put together to make a dramatic scene. I had taken the photo of the wolf about 12 years ago on the same trip I shot the sunflower photo. It was a bit "bug eyed" like it had Hashimoto's disease. I put it aside and when I wanted to use it the thought occurred to have it listening to some thing or some one and a Raven was perfect. I had so many photos of them to choose from but this seemed to suit the purpose well. The Cedar tree was photographed in New Mexico just for this use although I modified it to flow well within the frame. I want to hear what you think he is telling the Wolf!