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Lean In_24x60.jpg

24 wide by 60 tall

Yes, I was referring to Sheryl Sandburg's book about females exerting power at the table. This beautiful Cougar is ready to make that move and pounce on an item.

Lone Wolf_36x24.jpg

36" x 24" tall

This guy spoke to me. My photo had him all soaking wet but I did not choose to show him that way so I had to mentally smooth him out. The drama of the shadow over his eyes reminded me of the mask worn by the "Lone Ranger" in the old time cowboy series. Therein I drew my inspiration for his title.



I seem to always gravitate toward my own photographs that show some type of emotion. This surely does, with the wolves exhibiting common canine behavior. It brought me back to the day when my spouse and I realized all we had worked for at his business was going under water in a flood. We could do nothing about it but hold each other and cry.

Walking In His Shadow_36x24.jpg

36" x24"tall

When I saw this one of my photos I was attracted to it for some reason. The shadow over his shoulder from his hump was so dramatic. Searching for a title I came across a quote from the former President of India, "India needs to learn to walk in her own shadow" . I think that is a good way of explaining my philosophy of life. I prefer to be thought of as an original.

Forbidden Fruit_36x36.jpg

36" x36"

This was another of my experimental pieces, half done with India Ink Marker on Claybord and the bottom done MY traditional method of cutting the black Scratchbord and then painting in washes of colored India Ink. I was trying for depth and certainly got it here. "Striking" is a term I often hear applied to this piece. photo credit for snake, Steve Pettit. (I would never be that close to one!)

Where d He Go_10 inches @72 dpi.jpg


Cats are my love. We have 5 of our own mini panthers. They all seem to have the same characteristics. their expressions and their movements do not change according to breed or size much at all. Curiosity is the biggest thing I notice about them. Here the predator has lost his prey.

The Eye Has It_10 inches @72 dpi.jpg


I am a lover of being ones own boss. I also say the best committee is a committee of ONE, therefor the title of this piece, a play on words of course. The eye itself is the only part of the piece that seems centered and not full of anxiety and confusion, kind of like the Hurricane we went through as I was working on this piece!