Push Come To Shove 90x42 10inches @ 300.jpg




42" TALL BY 90" WIDE

These young bulls were captured on 250 frames in my camera. I was fortunate to be driving around Yellowstone by myself and able to stop when I needed to. I spotted the one on the right coming out of the woods toward a hummock across the roadway from me and pulled over. It was the heart of the Rut season so I guessed a girlfriend or a competitor might be close. The other bull showed himself to me left and no other cars were around so I had an unlimited view. They sparred and pushed and sharpened their skills while building neck muscles for the real thing. Reminded me of young male humans poking each other in the chest before doing the shoulder shove and then the punches are thrown. With most humans on edge and defensive, looking for a fight it seems, in today's world, I felt this was a statement of the times.